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About Us

Bay Branch Farm is an urban market garden in Lakewood, Ohio. Our mission is to grow high quality food in a sustainable manner, honoring the soil, the environment, and the people in our community. We seek to share and learn with others interested in urban farming.

Owners Eric Stoffer and Annabel Khouri started growing in the backyard employing Mel Bartholomew’s square foot gardening methods. They added containers for peppers and tomatoes, the latter trellised up the side of the house, and slowly the garden began taking over the side of the house and the front yard. In 2009 they purchased a vacant lot (120’x40′) in Lakewood with the intention of developing a market garden. Bay Branch Farm was born! After a year of building the soil through the addition of compost and planting a cover crop, the couple created 21 beds for planting short cycle crops like lettuce, radishes and arugula following the SPIN method. The remaining space was used for single season crops such as onions and potatoes. 2010 was the first year for sales at the local farmers’ market. Bay Branch Farm also sells through a buying club and to nearby restaurants.

During the season, you can find us at the Lakewood Farmers Market on Saturdays. Or, join the Bay Branch a la farm carte.

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