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About Us

Bay Branch Farm is an urban market garden in Lakewood and Cleveland, Ohio. Our mission is to grow high quality food in a sustainable manner, honoring the soil, the environment, and the people in our community. We seek to share and learn with others interested in urban farming.

Here’s a short history of our journey:

  • 2007: started a backyard garden employing Mel Bartholomew’s square foot gardening methods and container gardening peppers and tomatoes
  • 2009
    • purchased a vacant lot (120′ x 40′) in Lakewood with the intention of developing a market garden – Bay Branch Farm was born!
    • lots of soil building, rock picking, learning, and even some growing (mostly cover crops)
  • 2010
    • attended the OSU Extension Market Gardener training and got a mentor
    • created 21 beds for planting short cycle crops like lettuce, radishes and arugula following the SPIN method
    • first season at the Lakewood Farmer’s Market
    • built a Warre hive and got some bees
  • 2011
    • built a 12′ x 20′ hoop house
    • hosted our first WWOOFers
    • first honey harvest
  • 2012
    • more WWOOFers
    • hooked up drip irrigation
  • 2013
    • downsized our house, upsized our yard by moving from Lakewood to Cleveland
    • primary tillage and cover cropping in our backyard in Cleveland
  • 2014: Spink full-time on the farm!
  • 2015
    • became parents and took a year off from growing for market
    • purchased a greenhouse, disassembled it and moved it to our house
  • 2016: getting back in the game. Check out where to find us.

Thanks so much for your interest in our farm!

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