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two farmers cleaning beets
About Us

Meet your farmers

Eric and Annabel started farming in 2010 on a vacant lot in Lakewood, OH. Without a farming background, they followed the SPIN (Small Plot INtensive) method to grow a lot of veggies in a small space. The lessons learned from this proof of concept helped them develop a business plan and model. In 2013, they moved to Cleveland and more than doubled their growing space with a large backyard. They now grow vegetables intensively on about ½ acre in Cleveland.  

How we grow

Our growing practices

We follow organic growing practices. This means we never spray our food or soil with man-made pesticides or herbicides. Instead, we promote biodiversity on the farm to attract beneficial organisms, practice crop rotation to reduce pest pressure, apply plant-based compost to balance soil nutrients, and reduce soil disturbance to maintain microbial life. When we encounter an issue, we use biological controls to prevent any crop losses. These controls include pest barriers like row covers, companion planting to attract beneficial insects, hand cultivation to reduce weed pressure, and simply paying attention to the health of the plants and the soil to ensure everything is in balance.

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Kale seedlings
red beets in a basket
Online store

Buy our products

We grow diversified vegetables, herbs and flowers and primarily sell through our online store, which is usually open from May to October. We harvest to order to eliminate waste and get you the freshest produce. Delivery is available within a certain distance from the farm and pick up on the farm is also an option. To learn more, please visit our online store FAQ.

Cleveland has such a vibrant food scene and we are thrilled to collaborate with local chefs and food businesses. Please contact us directly to discuss your needs.

Grow Your Own

Plant Sale

Save the date! Our annual spring plant sale is scheduled for Saturday, May 25th from 10 am to 2 pm (rain date Sunday 5/26 same time). You can also make appointments prior to this date by scheduling at this link

To see a list of plants available, please click here

Let us help you get your garden started! All plants are started on our farm from seed (organic when available). Plants get their start in Sprout from Tilth Soil, a local product from Rust Belt Riders that comes from food waste composted right here in Cleveland! And, we have partnered with Tilth to make bags of their soil (Sprout and Grow) available at our plant sale. Plants come in Cow Pots, which are made of composted cow manure and cardboard (no more plastic!). Cow Pots provide nutrients to the plant and limit transplant shock since you plant the entire pot in the ground. Cow Pots fully decompose in the soil. We offer a variety of vegetables, herbs and flowers, mostly in 3″ pots. 

plants in greenhouse
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Upcoming events

Thanks for your support of our farm events in 2023. Stay tuned for more fun activities coming in the 2024 season!

Photo Gallery

Flower field

Tilling in compost at our plot in Lakewood.

Mowing down a mustard cover crop in our backyard. This is the site where our large high tunnel now sits.

Spring view of our plot in Lakewood.

The backyard in Cleveland pre-tunnels.
View of our plot in Lakewood – 2017
Back yard farm.
Full view of our backyard in 2017
The small high tunnel and tool shed – our first pieces of infrastructure on the farm.
Site ready for new high tunnel installation.
Setting post for the new high tunnel.
Hoops in place for new high tunnel.
Tunnel construction with end wall plastic installed.
New high tunnel with plastic installed.

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