Growing practices

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Building the soil

We are firm believers that good crops start with healthy, living soil. Since our region is marked by clay soils, we add compost regularly to build soil structure, add organic matter, reduce watering needs and mulch out weeds. We compost all the farm’s organic matter on site to ensure that those valuable scraps go back in to feed the soil microbes. 

plastic greenhouse with ridge vent open
Farm smarter not harder

Climate smart

Using his engineering background and philosophy of working smarter not harder, Eric equipped the high tunnels with automated ventilation systems powered by solar panels. This helps reduce the labor management of the tunnels and is better for the plants growing in these structures because we can efficiently create ideal growing conditions. We also employ shade cloth during the peak summer months to shield tender plants from the sun. Additionally, we collect rainwater off our high tunnel and pump this through our drip irrigation system inside the tunnels. Rainwater is an important resource for our farm, particularly in the tunnels, and we want to capture as much as possible to use it where it’s most needed.