2017 – a look back

Merry Christmas! It’s a cold and windy day, but the sun is shining and the hoop house is up to 58 degrees. Not sure if our kale will survive the coming nights of temperatures in the single digits, though. We don’t currently have supplemental heat, so we’ve peeled back the row covers to get the plants and soil some direct sunlight. I’m super grateful for the high tunnel as we are enjoying a fresh green salad as part of our Christmas dinner, along with roasted root veggies from the farm that were harvested and stored before it snowed.


It’s been a decent year – our best yet from a revenue perspective, which is good since Spink is now full-time on the farm. Some of the accomplishments from this season include:

  • New tool shed to store the tractor, its implements and hand tools
  • New, larger hoop house (moved to our house from the other farm site and extended to 28′ x 12′) in which we grew cherry tomatoes and basil
  • New irrigation system – an 1100 gal. tank – which still needs to be worked into our rain water catchment system
  • New 30′ x 72′ high tunnel though the USDA EQIP program – all built we just need to wait for warm weather to cover it with plastic

shed 2high tunnel

Still lots of projects to do come spring. We are enjoying a little R&R over the holidays and then will begin planning in earnest for 2018. Hope you and yours have had a wonderful year. Wishing everyone peace and joy in 2018!

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