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Buckwheat patch makes a great pollinator habitat

Wow, the buckwheat we put in as a cover crop has reached ~3 feet tall and is full of pollinators. It is just an awesome experience to both watch and listen to all the activities by bees and other insects now that the buckwheat is flowering. There are so many honeybees out there! We put […]

February thaw

The sun is shining and the snow is melting. It’s been a long, cold and snowy winter and today we went over to take a look at how things survived the polar vortex and other gems of this season. The hoop house was balmy and smelled kind of like cabbage due to the overwintered kale […]

Honey harvest

Well, it’s not much, but we did get some honey from the girls this year. Unfortunately, the hive couldn’t recover from an early summer swarm and a second swarm later in the summer. We tried to re-queen (you can buy a queen on the internet for $20), but for whatever reason, it didn’t work and […]

Warré Beehive Update

This is an update on our bee adventure which started one year ago today by building a Warré hive. First off, in February of last year I attended the Greater Cleveland Beekeepers Association beekeeping class. There are Beekeeper Classes again this year. I couldn’t find anyone who knew about Warré hives per se, but there […]