Spring update

It’s almost officially summer and it already feels like it weather-wise. I’ve been behind in posting to the blog and just wanted to share some quick pictures of the spring so far. Super excited about the high tunnel. Spink got the automatic end vents and sidewalls hooked up a few months ago and they are working beautifully! We are on the brink of having our rain water harvesting system up and running (just in time for the July drought). Some of the early spring plantings took longer than anticipated and were a bit of a challenge to manage while transplanting our summer crops (tomatoes and peppers). We also got a bit of a late start on transplanting our basil due to other crops still maturing, so we’ll try to tweak that next season. Overall, though, I’m so happy with how the new tunnel is working out. The small tunnel is full of cucumbers and zucchini and we screened it all into exclude cucumber beetles. The varieties we planted do not require outside pollination.

Layers of veggies in the big tunnel (left to right – basil, peppers, determinate tomatoes, indeterminate tomatoes)
Another view of the indeterminate tomatoes. We are doing double leaders on trellis lines.
Lettuce, beets, turnips at our Lakewood plot
The small high tunnel is all screened in and has parthenocarpic cukes and zucs