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Germination chamber

Last year Spink built a germination chamber complete with grow lights. Unfortunately, the lights (LEDs) produce too much heat and the chamber has no way to cool down, so he made some modifications and now we just use it to germinate seeds and then move them to heat mats to grow a bit before hardening […]

35 Block – Stand up soil blocker

We do most of our propagation in soil blocks. Planting kale, spinach, lettuce, green onions, chard, and beets – the 20-block stand up soil blocker from Ladbrooke has been our go to tool. But we were ready to abandon this tool and change to plastic propagation trays. While we were attending the Young Farmers Conference this past […]

March Madness!

It is St. Patrick’s Day weekend and the weather has been unseasonably warm for about 2 straight weeks. By warm, I mean in the 60’s and 70’s and sunny with some morning and evening rains. The mild winter and warm sunny days have allowed the overwintered crops (spinach, kale, green onions) to thrive and the […]