Monthly Archives: June 2010

Some Root Veggie Ideas

Now that we are selling our carrots and beets at the market, it’s time to sample the product! We’ve made a couple of tasty dishes with some of the product that didn’t meet the quality standards (funky looking carrots, small beets, etc.). After market we made a stir-fry that contained beets (gold and red), new […]

First Farmers Market … Success!

We totally sold out of all our produce this Saturday at the Lakewood Farmers Market. There are so many people to thank for making this market come together. Thanks to the market organizers, our helpful friends, and all the wonderful customers who stopped by. We were pretty nervous about our first market day, but all […]


I wanted to share some comments about how we harvest our veggies. Since we are following the SPIN method, we harvest using our garden cart right over the rows. We generally each take a side and put the produce into a plastic tub placed in the garden cart. It is hard to believe, but we […]

What grows in clay and rocks?

We have been pleasantly surprised by the success of many of our beds, especially considering the poor quality of our soil (mostly clay) and the numerous rocks that still plague us! While we’ve had to scrap a few beds due to poor germination, the bulk of the rows have really produced. For example, last week […]

Whaddya wanna do that for???

Since we’ve been on this path and sharing this journey, there are a few questions that people tend to ask over and over again: Farming? Really? Why? For me it’s all about planting seeds and watching them grow. There is something gratifying about seeing that miracle of life evolve. And then there’s the taste…fresh food […]