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Spring bed prep

Despite snow last weekend, it is indeed spring and that can only mean one thing on the farm – time for bed prep! Last year we read The Market Gardener by Jean-Martin Fortier. One of the tips in that book involves covering the beds with black tarps to kill the weeds while maintaining all the beneficial microorganisms […]

And so it begins…

The weekend brought sunshine and mild temperatures and indicated it’s time to get hands in the soil and seeds in the ground. We planted two flats of spinach and kale and did a bit of clean up as we get ready for outdoor planting. Spring flowers are starting to emerge and the bees were active […]

It's hard to make compost…and other lessons learned

Now that we have some time to reflect on the season, we thought it might be helpful to share some of the lessons we learned from our first season of urban market gardening. In no particular order, we give you our lessons learned….likely to grow as we continue to plan. Making compost: Don’t get me […]

What grows in clay and rocks?

We have been pleasantly surprised by the success of many of our beds, especially considering the poor quality of our soil (mostly clay) and the numerous rocks that still plague us! While we’ve had to scrap a few beds due to poor germination, the bulk of the rows have really produced. For example, last week […]

how to build a straw bale compost

following the instructions from Eliot Coleman’s The New Organic Grower, we have built a compost bin out of straw bales. this method is beneficial because the straw bales contain the heat needed for the materials to break down, while also allowing air flow. we have set up two bins side by side, but the first […]