What grows in clay and rocks?

We have been pleasantly surprised by the success of many of our beds, especially considering the poor quality of our soil (mostly clay) and the numerous rocks that still plague us! While we’ve had to scrap a few beds due to poor germination, the bulk of the rows have really produced. For example, last week Spink harvested 25 pounds of lettuce from one 30′ x 25″ bed! Here are some recent pictures of what’s growing. We add compost every time we turn a bed over, but we still find clumps of clay and rocks every time we go out there. We are constantly weeding and picking rocks (hard to know which we do more frequently!). Overall, though, we are thoroughly pleased with this year’s yield to date.

First market day is coming soon. Please come out to see us and support locally grown food at the Lakewood Farmer’s Market opening June 26th at 10 am in front of Marc’s Plaza on Detroit.

Carrots and green onions - planted April 2nd
D'Avignon radishes planted May 21st
Leeks and onions
This is supposed to be a bed of spinach, but all we got is rocks! Had to pull the rocks and start over on this one....

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