New high tunnel

Happy spring…almost! It’s been a cold March, but the high tunnel is up, covered and ready to go. We’ve managed to get some cold weather crops in the ground – spinach, lettuce and mixed greens, peas, beans and pac choi – and are working to get our processes (irrigation, ventilation) tightened up. Thanks to the new high tunnel, which is 30′ x 72′, we’ve gotten our earliest start ever. Plants in the ground and, for the most part, they are looking good! Here are a few photos.

Much of March looked like this
Inside the tunnel soaking up the sun
Seedlings getting a start in the basement
Pac choi in the high tunnel

6 thoughts on “New high tunnel

  1. Alanna Faith, says:

    Looking forward to seeing you at Lakewood Farmer’s Market for the 2018 season! – Alanna

    • annabel says:

      Hi Alanna,
      We are actually at the Frostville Farmer’s Market this season. We didn’t hear about Lakewood until later in the spring and had to make a choice on a market. I hope you can make it to Frostville to visit us there! Markets have already started.
      Be well,

    • annabel says:

      Thanks, Ward! Going great so far. Just noticed this comment, so you kind of know how things are going now:)

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