Monthly Archives: July 2009

Videos of Grillo Tractor w/ Berta Rotary Plow

above is a video of the tool we are using to dig up all the rocks! the first video is the initial run through with the tractor. the second video is the second pass. still some rocks, but most of the big ones are out and the dirt is smooth….like butter!

how to make compost tea

Making compost tea is similar to making a cup of tea…..simply steep your compost in water and voila! We scoured the internet for resources on this and found many different methods…..this is how we chose to do it. Materials needed: container (5 gal. bucket or rubbermaid container) air pump (buy at your local pet store) […]

spink's garlic

look what my awesome husband grew for us! next year we plan to ramp up production. kudos to craig (of sirna’s farm & market in auburn, oh) for sharing advice on how to grow garlic…..we’ll be trying his tips this fall. another resource we rely on heavily is Growing Great Garlic: The Definitive Guide for […]

Grillo Tractor – Berta Rotary Plow

Yesterday, we awoke at 4 am to drive to Earth Tools in Kentucky and pick up a Grillo Tractor (similar to a BCS 2-wheeled tractor) with Berta Rotary Plow attachment….yes, we might be crazy….big kudos to spinkbickle for tirelessly researching the internet, blogs and calling Joel – the man behind Earth Tools and the true […]