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tearing up the front lawn!

Over the weekend, we finally got the BCS out with the rotary plow attachment and decided to put it to use on our front lawn. Who needs lawn anyway? Gotta mow it every week in summer and reseed it when it dies off….what a pain! So, we dug some up as another experiment. Our garden […]

how to prepare urban lot for farming

This post is dedicated to what we have done to date to prepare the land we hope to farm next spring…we highly encourage you to do your own research, but this is a quick and dirty walk through. What to do first do an honest assessment of whether farming is really what you want to […]

Grillo Tractor – Berta Rotary Plow

Yesterday, we awoke at 4 am to drive to Earth Tools in Kentucky and pick up a Grillo Tractor (similar to a BCS 2-wheeled tractor) with Berta Rotary Plow attachment….yes, we might be crazy….big kudos to spinkbickle for tirelessly researching the internet, blogs and calling Joel – the man behind Earth Tools and the true […]