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Soup weather and other savory ways to use winter squash

Today’s featured vegetable is butternut squash! This season we grew 7 squash plants which supplied us with an abundant crop of beautiful squash and way more than we can eat. Thankfully we grow for market and were able to sell some before the end of market season. Additionally, our customers received a squash in their […]

What's hiding out there?

Things on the farm are cruising along. The summer weather has been pretty amazing. Cooler temps, fairly steady rainfall (about 1/2″ a week) and sunny days. I love seeing the new growth on things like red peppers – they almost look fake on the plants because they are so bright red! Butternut squash are often […]

Butternut squash…from saved seeds

Last year we saved some seeds from one of our butternut squashes and early in the season I planted them in tiny pots in the basement. Those 15 seeds turned into about 100 squash! So exciting to watch them grow through the season. And, right now, with this warm spell, they are continuing to flower […]