What's hiding out there?

Things on the farm are cruising along. The summer weather has been pretty amazing. Cooler temps, fairly steady rainfall (about 1/2″ a week) and sunny days. I love seeing the new growth on things like red peppers – they almost look fake on the plants because they are so bright red! Butternut squash are often a surprise because the patch becomes jungle-like in the summer and then you discover the bounty in the fall when the leaves die back. We also have some awesome looking melons coming in. Our farm mentor gifted us 5 plants and we put them in and now we cannot find the markers to know what’s what!

What’s growing in your summer garden?

1 thoughts on “What's hiding out there?

  1. Helen says:

    Great to hear you’ve got butternut squash. I hope when I take the leaves back in autumn I find some fruit as it doesn’t look like I’ve got any so far!

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