Monthly Archives: November 2009

Garlic – 6 weeks later

About 6 weeks ago we planted garlic. Since then, it has grown quite a bit. Only one hard frost and unseasonably mild temps have me concerned. Is this okay? Will it survive when it finally snows and freezes? Should we mulch it? It’s covered with black landscape fabric. Read more about the original planting.   […]

Farm Planning

What’s up at the farm? Well, we have been in planning mode with one night a week devoted to planning what to plant, when to plant, how much to plant and where to sell. It’s pretty exciting and the initial planning session outlined our primary goal of being able to grow to sell next season. […]

Bertha – on the road

In an attempt to capitalize on our new tractor and help other urban growers get started, we did another backyard project. Read about the results below. Below is a brief video of the Grillo Tractor with Berta Rotary Plow attachment used on a backyard in Northeast Ohio. The yard had several large roots from trees […]

Eating with the seasons

Pumpkin roll - yummy!

Orange is the color for fall….food, that is. With all the squash that’s coming from the garden and is available at the farmer’s market, it’s easy to make a colorful fall meal. This year we bought a pumpkin, but never got around to carving it. This is a great link to how to prepare a […]