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Another compost idea

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Last weekend we built a 2-bin compost out of pallets. The pallets came from Spink’s workplace. We built this because we had outgrown our small 3-bin system that we threw together last year and because we have a lot more food scraps to compost (also from Spink’s work). It is fairly easy to build. We placed the pallets on end and used fence posts as anchors. The pallets are secured to the fence posts with wire. We will be closing off each opening with another pallet. The open end allows for easy dumping and turning. We are using leaf mulch as our carbon source. Will post about the chipper/shredder for chopping up leaves for this purpose in a future post.

2-bin compost - notice all the veggie scraps on right (all from Spink's office cafeteria)

Below is a picture of the straw bale compost that is at the plot. Read more about this method. It’s come to our attention that some readers are actually using this method and have experienced good results so far…..awesome!

Straw bale compost


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