Chipper/shredder for compost

We recently purchased a used chipper/shredder to chop up leaves in our backyard. The shredded leaves will be used in our compost as the carbon source. We waffled on getting this tool given the expense, use of fuel, etc. but in the end decided to buy a used one in hopes that it helps us work smarter not harder. It’s a 8 HP Craftsman chipper/shredder and it’s very loud!

Filling the chipper/shredder with dried leaves - note the output against the back fence
How we used to create leaf humus - the leaves in the bottom have been there for 2 years

0 thoughts on “Chipper/shredder for compost

  1. chelsea says:

    I came across your website while researching the Berta rotary plow. I’m on the brink of purchasing a walking tractor and among the optional attachments is a chipper/shredder. I’m curious as to why you chose a separate machine for the leaves rather than a PTO-driven unit.

    Many blessings on your urban ag endeavours.

    • Spink Bickle says:

      Thanks for the comment!

      I had been looking at getting a chipper shredder attachment, but then a friend at work sold his for $100, I couldn’t pass it up. I’d prefer not to have another motor in the garage, but that’s just how it happened.

      We love the Grillo and I’m looking forward to our second attachment this spring, the rototiller.