Farm Planning

What’s up at the farm? Well, we have been in planning mode with one night a week devoted to planning what to plant, when to plant, how much to plant and where to sell. It’s pretty exciting and the initial planning session outlined our primary goal of being able to grow to sell next season. Planning is also helping us prioritize what we need to do. Below is what we have accomplished to date:

  1. Measure planting area: the plot is 40′ x 120′ or 4800 sq. ft. However, after accounting for the edges, compost, water source, and space between rows, the area left for planting is only about 2700 sq. ft. A quick plot out in visio shows that we can put in about 34 – 25′ x 2′ beds.
  2. Determine what to plant: We are using the SPIN guides to determine best crops for planting. Lots of work to still be done on this part of the planning process. Will post more when we have some idea of what we are doing.
  3. Figure out planting schedule: when do we plant, how long until harvest, and crop rotation schedule – will have to post more on this when we have something to share.
  4. Find markets: We have reached out to local farmers market leaders, including those at LEAF, Tremont Farmers Market, and Kamm’s Corners Farmers Market. We have also heard rumors about a new farmers market in Lakewood and are trying to get more information about that as well. The plan is to find out if they are accepting new vendors and what the process is to become a vendor. We are also attending a session hosted by City Fresh to learn if there is an opportunity for us to plant and sell something to them.

More to come soon!

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    • jojobickle says:

      Will let you know as soon as I hear anything further about Lakewood Farmers Mkt. There is one (or was one) running on Wednesday mornings behind the Drug Mart parking lot, but I only went there once or twice due to the hours.