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Bertha – on the road

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In an attempt to capitalize on our new tractor and help other urban growers get started, we did another backyard project. Read about the results below.

Below is a brief video of the Grillo Tractor with Berta Rotary Plow attachment used on a backyard in Northeast Ohio. The yard had several large roots from trees that had been previously taken down and the stumps ground. The owner of the property had manually tried to work the soil and had added several amendments to it. The biggest challenge was the roots and the clay in the soil.

Total time: ~2.5 hours
Sq. footage plowed: 500 sq. ft. and a small section on the side of the house (about 150 sq. ft.)


Before Bertha - the trench is the first pass

mid progress

Halfway through the process

finished product

The completed project - 20' x 25' ready for planting


One thought on “Bertha – on the road

  1. Its great to see another Grillo doing great work. Well done!

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