saving seeds

A few months ago, I noticed some of the arugula in our raised bed had gone to seed. I cut the plants with seed pods and put them in a paper bag to dry. Today, I found them in the cupboard and decided to see what they looked like. The pods and the stems were completely dry and the seeds came free easily by gently separating the pods. I harvested a bunch of seeds and plan to plant some in the basement this week. I am pretty confident that they will germinate since some arugula plants emerged in the raised bed where none had been planted – I think these came from some of the leftover seed pods. Will make a post about the basement arugula, which I hope to put outside (in our mini greenhouse) once established.

arugula seeds
Harvesting arugula seeds from dried seed pods

Did the same with some dried cilantro seeds (coriander).

Coriander seeds