fire food and drink – our new favorite on the east side

After attending a 2008 party catered by Doug Katz of Fire Food & Drink, we finally made it to his restaurant. Fire, aptly named for its wood fired pizza oven and tandoor, is a real treat and is now our new favorite on the other side of town. As often as possible, we try to sit at the chef’s table to get a bird’s eye view of the kitchen, which also helps us decide what looks good….plus we get to talk to the chef and get invited into the kitchen…..well, actually, that never happens, but it happened last night when we were eying up the fish and steaks being put in the tandoor. Chef Katz asked if we wanted to see it, so we went behind the counter and took a peek. Very cool……and I don’t know how those guys handle the heat in the kitchen – it’s HOT back there!

fire menu

The meal was fantastic; everything was cooked to perfection and purchased locally, whenever possible. Here’s what we ordered:

Butternut squash soup
Local greens salad
Homemade choc chip coffee ice cream

Super tasty. 4/4 forks

fire apps
Soup and salad apps
Tandoor with whole skewered fish cooking inside

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  1. Marianne says:

    Hi Annabel!
    Fire is a great restaurant (I live across the street). A fun tidbit: my sister met her current husband there on a blind date. Now they have two beautiful baby boys ūüôā

    Have a great day and talk to you soon,