Fall update

Last weekend was our final farmer’s market of the season. It’s nice to have weekends back, to take a moment to breathe and start planning for fall projects. We pulled all the tomatoes out of the hoop house a couple weeks ago, transplanted some kale and direct seeded some mixed greens. Not sure how this will fare with the shorter days. So far, the sun has continued to shine and the day temps are in the low 70s, so we hope these plants can get established, but we may have gotten them in too late. Summer planted fall crops, such as leeks, parsnips and kale, are going strong so we should have some additional fall offerings for our customers. Here are a few pics of how things look right now.

Leeks, kale and parsnips continue to grow
Pole beans drying on the vine for dried beans
Herb spiral with parsley, fennel, cilantro (not pictured), and lovage