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Local worms

We recently met an awesome couple that keeps an outdoor worm bin right in Ohio City! Curious about their process and reeling from a major fruit fly infestation in our indoor bin, we decided to learn more. The couple has a 3 bin system that they rotate about once a month. The worms do all […]

how to make compost tea

Making compost tea is similar to making a cup of tea…..simply steep your compost in water and voila! We scoured the internet for resources on this and found many different methods…..this is how we chose to do it. Materials needed: container (5 gal. bucket or rubbermaid container) air pump (buy at your local pet store) […]

vermi what? or worms eat my garbage…..

since last year, we have had a home-built wooden box about 4′ x 2′ by 6″ high on the floor of our basement. we built this to experiment with vermicomposting–using worms to compost our organic waste. having read the book, worms eat my garbage by Mary Appelhof, we decided to give it a shot since […]

did you say poop?

in our continuous search for all things garden-related, we have come across so many important inputs on craigslist….it’s our favorite place to shop! latest find is free manure for the garden. that’s right, dear reader, your food (if it’s grown locally… generally speaking) is not grown in chemicals or by chemicals, but by that all […]