worm bin upgrade

recently we upgraded our worm bin to a tiered system, sometimes referred to as a flow through system. we started based on these plans, but modified to what we had…..worms are not all that picky. i’d like to modify it with a drain to easily get the “tea” from the bottom bin.

here’s how we built the new bin for vermicomposting:


  • 3 rubbermaid (or $6 bob’s plastics) containers
  • scrap 2 x 4’s
  • drill
  • utility knife
  • screws and washers
  • screen

how to make it

  1. attach 2’x4’s to sides of 2 of the plastic containers with screws. the purpose here is to create some space between each container when you place them together.
  2. drill holes in the bottom of 2 of the 3 containers with a drill bit (about 1/4″). this allows the worms to travel from one bin to another.
  3. cut out part of the top of one of the bins and replace with mesh screen to allow airflow
  4. place the bins together, 1 inside the other
  5. place soaked shredded paper or leaves inside the bin and add a handful of dirt and your worms (red wigglers)
  6. continue to add veggie/organic scraps to the bin and cover with the wet paper
  7. the holes in the first bin allow compost tea to drop into the base container
  8. as the 2nd container fills with scraps, add soaked paper to the 3rd (top) bin and begin adding your organic wastes to the top bin. the holes in the bottom allow the worms to travel up to where the food is making collection of worm castings easier

see pictures for a better idea of how we made our bin…..

Worm bin upgrade