Local worms

We recently met an awesome couple that keeps an outdoor worm bin right in Ohio City! Curious about their process and reeling from a major fruit fly infestation in our indoor bin, we decided to learn more. The couple has a 3 bin system that they rotate about once a month. The worms do all the work and they reap the rewards. They’ve even gotten the neighbors involved in composting, which is so cool! Part of the reason it seems to work is because the bins are pretty well protected, situated between two houses so they are nicely protected from the elements. Although most of what we’ve read indicates worms need to be kept between 55 and 75 degrees in order to survive, the owners say their worms lived through last winter.

Well, we are going to try it….no more fruit flies for us!

Current bin to which food scraps and leaves are added
Fully composted materials and worm castings. Check out their nicely built structure!
The couple responsible for this system! Bags of leaves in last bin were collected from tree lawn (otherwise they would have been sent to landfill!).
Rain barrel system right next to compost pile.
Oatey diverter taps into the downspout and connects to the rain barrels.

0 thoughts on “Local worms

  1. Laura says:

    Hi there. We stumbled across your blog and just wanted to say hi. We run a small farm on our little plot in Willoughby Hills. We started in 2007 and just this past year we started selling our veggies at a farmer’s market. It’s nice to see there are others as interested in this endeavor as we are. We’ll definitely follow along on your adventure!

    • jojobickle says:

      Thanks for the comment! Great to see others doing this too. I’m going to email you. Maybe we can share stories and tips. Having already sold at market, you are ahead of us, so there is probably something we can learn from you.