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Spring update

After a couple weeks of high 70s to low 80s, we’re back to spring-like weather and I’m loving it! The farm looks really super after a recent rain. Everything, including the weeds, is growing. The weeds are more out of control than I’d have hoped and certainly more than I like, but my new part-time […]

So, just how much food can you grow on 1/8th acre???

This weekend we decided to be done for the season. We still have produce in the ground, and we plan to harvest what we can and have given away some veggies to family, friends and loyal customers, but we are also tired and ready to move into planning mode for next season. We learned a […]

What grows in clay and rocks?

We have been pleasantly surprised by the success of many of our beds, especially considering the poor quality of our soil (mostly clay) and the numerous rocks that still plague us! While we’ve had to scrap a few beds due to poor germination, the bulk of the rows have really produced. For example, last week […]