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Summer update at the plot

It’s been a hot and dry summer so far. June registered about an inch of rain all month and July so far has about the same with the average temperature being in the low 80s. That has meant a lot of watering and shade cloth over our lettuce. The jury is still out on this […]

Spring update

After a couple weeks of high 70s to low 80s, we’re back to spring-like weather and I’m loving it! The farm looks really super after a recent rain. Everything, including the weeds, is growing. The weeds are more out of control than I’d have hoped and certainly more than I like, but my new part-time […]

August update

August has arrived…well, it’s already mid-August actually. With the help of a WWOOF volunteer we turned over 7 beds yesterday (thanks Erika!). I counted the number of beds devoted to beets: 11 beds!! That is an impressive number. The market goers seem to love beets, so is it nice to maintain an ample supply. We […]