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Urban vs. Rural

As urban market gardeners who want to expand, we often struggle with the idea of whether to try to find more places to grow in the city or moving out to the country where we have more flexibility to do what we want (get some chickens and goats, have a few acres under till that […]

San Diego Farm Tours

In an attempt to escape the winter weather of Ohio, Spink and I took a week’s vacation in San Diego. Despite the cooler temps (highs in the low 60s), we did enjoy full days of SUN! We took the opportunity to visit a few farms in the region in order to learn from those with more […]

1st Farm Conference

Bay Branch Farm recently registered to attend the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association’s (OEFFA) annual conference, Growing with Integrity, Eating with Intention. The conference features Joel Salatin as keynote…we’ve read about him (even read some of his books), seen him in several movies about sustainable farming and now we are going to see him […]

Bertha – on the road

Since we purchased the Grillo Tractor with the Berta Rotary Plow attachment (now affectionately known as Bertha), we’ve been contemplating how we can use this to help other small farmers, while at the same time generating income for our farm venture to keep it sustainable. One idea is to turn the plow into a service […]

sun-food agenda…

tuesday night, author michael pollan spoke to the choir at oberlin college in ohio sharing a sun-food agenda for the next administration. in a recent letter to the next president published in the ny times, pollan relates the current industrial food system to 3 main issues of both candidates’ platforms: energy, climate change and health […]