1st Farm Conference

Bay Branch Farm recently registered to attend the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association’s (OEFFA) annual conference, Growing with Integrity, Eating with Intention. The conference features Joel Salatin as keynote…we’ve read about him (even read some of his books), seen him in several movies about sustainable farming and now we are going to see him live! So exciting.

The other great aspect of this event is that Joel (a different Joel) from Earth Tools is going to be there. As you may recall, Joel sold us our Grillo 107D – now affectionately known as Bertha – last summer. Our latest implement is a rototiller attachment. Specifically, based on Joel’s recommendation, we are getting the 27″ tiller for our Grillo. This will replace the rotary plow attachment and be used for secondary tillage. Since Joel is going to be there and we are going to be there, he’s just going to bring the attachment with him (saving us a trip to KY or shipping costs).

Overall, we are super excited about our first conference and will share our takeaways in a future post. Maybe we’ll see you there!

0 thoughts on “1st Farm Conference

  1. Victoria says:

    Ahh, Bertha!

    I can’t wait to see the new logo in the banner. My eyes are burning, will try to get to it tomorrow morning.