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More Farm Planning

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Just when I thought planning was going well for the season, I start hearing about others who have already started their seeds indoors and already know what they are planting, when and where! Geez….well, we may be a couple weeks behind, but this is lighting a fire under us.

My sister gave us the best book as a Christmas present – The Organic Farmer’s Business Handbook by Richard Wiswall. This book is such a valuable tool for beginners and for those who want to understand farming from a business perspective. The message is simple: farm for profit, not production. So, far we have done some of the basic exercises, one of which includes writing down what you really want out of life. Sounds pretty basic, but it’s so critical to starting down any new path. We’ve also established a revenue goal and have worked from that goal to layout our marketing chart and production plan. More to come…


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