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Pining for Summer

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Have you ever had a memory triggered by a smell? Well, that’s what happened to me today when I ate a salad that had strawberries in it. Not sure where they came from, but guessing they are not from around these parts….not this time of year anyway. But, the smell….ah, it brought back memories and made me wish for summer in a way that all the cold, snow and gloom hasn’t yet mustered. In honor of that, I snapped a picture of our snow-covered strawberry patch that is hopefully cozy under its thick layer of straw mulch… will be a few months before we taste our own strawberries, but when that day comes it will be such a treat!

Strawberry patch in summer....

....and in winter


One thought on “Pining for Summer

  1. New update to the site looks very good! Nice job.

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