dude, where's my blog??

it’s official….we finally have a blog! this blog will follow the trials and tribulations of our urban garden project in cleveland, ohio. are you ready? here goes…..

it’s the end of april and we have already planted several seeds. we started with parsley and onions in february in the basement under a grow lamp. in march, we followed with leafy greens. by the first weekend in april we transplanted the leafy greens in our outside beds. my thoughts of using cold frames never materialized…..maybe in the fall or maybe next spring.

outdoor garden beds: we have 3 4’x4′ raised beds in our backyard. in addition to those, we have 3 2’x8′ bins and a number of random pots and containers. with all these options, we are bound to grow something edible! sadly, what we lack is sun. it’s northeastern ohio for one, and, b) we have a few large trees in the back of our lot that provide great shade during the summer, but also prevent the sun from reaching our plants. we have strategically placed our raised beds and containers to take advantage of the lion’s share of sunlight, reserving the most direct sun for tomatoes and peppers when they are ready to go out.