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it takes an apple…..

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or two or 24 pounds to make a few quarts of apple butter…..but it’s so worth it! start with fresh rinsed apples.

fresh apples

fresh apples

cut them into quarters or eights and put all parts (including core and seeds) into a large pot with water. boil until soft and then run through a food mill.

food mill

food mill

you now have apple sauce, which you could can for later….or you can put this in a crock pot and cook it down for about 12-18 hours with sugar, cinnamon, allspice, and ground cloves…..voila! apple butter!

apple sauce in crock pot

apple sauce in crock pot

it will cook down to about half the original amount, so you may want to continue to add more apple sauce to it and cook it down. yummy!


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