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what to do with green tomatoes???


this morning i pulled in the remaining tomatoes….several red, but mostly green and now i have to come up with a plan for what to do with all of them. a colleague suggested pickling them, which i’m considering….any other recommendations out there?



6 thoughts on “what to do with green tomatoes???


    I think I recall eating the green tomato rasberry jam once… of course I couldn’t get over the fact that it was made out of tomatos, so I wouldn’t eat it anylonger! :p

  2. Oh sweet! I can’t wait to try the green salsa dressing…thank you!

  3. Down here we fry our green tomatoes. They are a staple at all meat & 3 restaurants. I think you slice them, dredge them lightly in breading (maybe cornmeal?) and fry/saute them in a hot skillet. High end places serve them with a sauce on the side…like a spicy remoulade.

  4. frying or pickeling is the way to go. So sad to not have any fresh cherry tomoatoes for sevent months. Plants are done, garden is tilled. Its over…for now. I will see if my wife want to try the salsa dressing.

  5. actually, last week all remaining tomatoes were ripe. we placed them in boiling water, removed the skins, ran them through the food processor and used them in a tasty chili!

  6. You can slice the green tomatoes, and can them in water. Use them for fried green tomatoes.

    Cover slices with flour, salt, pepper, & fry in single layer in hot oil till crispy. Yum!

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