0 thoughts on “what to do with green tomatoes???

  1. bickle sister says:

    Down here we fry our green tomatoes. They are a staple at all meat & 3 restaurants. I think you slice them, dredge them lightly in breading (maybe cornmeal?) and fry/saute them in a hot skillet. High end places serve them with a sauce on the side…like a spicy remoulade.

  2. Water Garden Plants says:

    frying or pickeling is the way to go. So sad to not have any fresh cherry tomoatoes for sevent months. Plants are done, garden is tilled. Its over…for now. I will see if my wife want to try the salsa dressing.

  3. Spink Bickle says:

    actually, last week all remaining tomatoes were ripe. we placed them in boiling water, removed the skins, ran them through the food processor and used them in a tasty chili!

  4. Susan says:

    You can slice the green tomatoes, and can them in water. Use them for fried green tomatoes.

    Cover slices with flour, salt, pepper, & fry in single layer in hot oil till crispy. Yum!