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overwintering spinach….

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ok, so it’s well past the first frost date according to most climate maps i’ve checked, but i’m still going to try to overwinter some spinach…this spring our spinach was pathetic and we heard that if we plant in fall or late summer and let it overwinter, we will have a lush crop come spring…

most of my research indicates that gardeners should plant their spinach about 4-6 weeks before a hard frost. to my knowledge, we haven’t had a frost yet, so i’m hopeful it’s not too late. i only tried a few seeds in case this experiment doesn’t work. i planted the seeds and covered with a floating row cover. i planted bloomsdale heirloom and america spinach, both from seeds of change. will keep you posted on what happens….if anything!

here’s a good article explaining how to overwinter spinach…


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