experiment #57

ok, so i really don’t know what experiment number this is, but here’s details on another try at the homestead…..quasi cold frame:

cold frame fixings
cold frame fixings

we used one of our tomato bins, mixed in some worm casting from the vermicompost, and planted some arugula, lettuce, and spinach. we watered them and then covered the whole shebang with an old storm window to create a greenhouse effect that will keep the seeds warm and lead to germination….will update when we see something growing!


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  1. bickle sister says:

    we have spinach, collards, and snap peas coming up and looking good. actually have a small break between cold/warm weather with nothing to plant for a few weeks. we moved one of our squares last weekend to a sunnier location and now just waiting til 4/10 for the last frost to plant our hot weather varieties.