OEFFA Conference

We just got back from the 31st Annual OEFFA Conference in Granville, OH. So glad we went, met lots of great people and built existing relationships…..planning a full recap of the weekend later this week, but wanted to share a quick picture of our new tiller attachment!! More to come soon….

Grillo 27" Rototiller Attachment

0 thoughts on “OEFFA Conference

  1. RobG says:

    awesome … great tool for new beds. Too intrusive (the rotary plow) for established beds that have regular incorporation of compost and a broad fork. Your pics and comments are super – we are pioneers for the next generation of back-to-basics. My web site is throughtheeyesofmygarden.blogspot.com

    • Spink Bickle says:

      We used our rotary plow for primary tillage. Our soil is very bad, almost 100% clay, so what I’m doing lately when I turn over a bed is incorporate alot of compost as deep as I can get it with the rototiller, then broad fork, then one last pass as shallow as i can go to prepare the seed bed. Just want to get the organic matter way down in there.

      Thanks for the comment.