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Seeds Ordered!

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After pouring over the seed catalogs, we finally have our order in for this season’s market garden. So, whatcha planting??? We based our crops on the highest margin items listed in the SPIN guides. Here’s a list of what we got going on this season and where we got the seeds.


Leafy Greens

  • Arugula
  • Astro
  • Sylvetta
  • Red Cardinal (spinach)
  • Emu (spinach)
  • Renegade (spinach)
  • Tropicana (green leaf lettuce)
  • Cherokee (red leaf lettuce)
  • Winter Density (green leaf lettuce)
  • Buttercrunch (bibb lettuce)


  • Cherriette
  • Easter Egg
  • D’Avignon


  • Bull’s Blood
  • Touchstone Gold


  • Scarlet Nantes
  • Yaya


  • Deep Purple (bunching scallions)
  • Evergreen Hardy White
  • Lincoln (bunching leeks)

Miller Nurseries


  • Red Zeppelin
  • Lancelot Leeks
  • Copra
  • Candy Hybrid
  • Walla Walla

Peaceful Valley


  • Organic German Butterball
  • Organic Yukon Gold
  • Organic Yellow Finn

Sweet Basil


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