Crooked River Coffee – Yaya Carrots

Being big fans of the Tiny Farm Blog, we are now trying one of his tried and true methods of carrot germination – the burlap method. We got burlap sacks from our friend at Crooked River Coffee, a local roaster in the area. We are excited to see how this method works. Basically, the burlap helps keep the soil warm and moist, while suppressing weed growth. As soon as we see the carrots begin to germinate, we’ll remove the burlap sacks. We’ve laid out the burlap end to end and used landscape staples to hold it in place. The other beds contain greens and other vegetable crops. Will post an update soon with results!

0 thoughts on “Crooked River Coffee – Yaya Carrots

  1. justin husher says:

    Totally, let me know how those carrots work. I gotta couple sprouts, but nothing to write home about.