Harvesting Garlic

Well, the dog days of summer have arrived and the garlic tops have started to yellow and fall over. It’s time to harvest! Last fall, we used ag fabric as mulch and used a torch to put holes in the fabric for the garlic bulbs. We had some trepidation in harvesting it given this experiment, but all in all, it wasn’t too bad. We pulled the staples from the ag fabric and we plan to use it again this fall. And the garlic, for the most part, is huge! Spink wants to keep it for seed so we can double production next year. All I want to do is cook with it. The flavor is beyond compare!

Bulb just picked.
We took the staples out of the ag fabric and carefully dug out the bulbs.
When we finally got all the staples out, we just pulled the ag fabric up and over the top of the remaining garlic.
Garlic drying on an old swing set we picked up off the curb lawn.

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