More land!

Spink has been watching the real estate listings for another piece of land ever since we started farming this season. After a reality check on the fact that we probably need to keep our real jobs for at least another year, we decided to scale back. By simply looking in the back yard, we have added another 4 beds – 2′ x 45′ and some other growing space where we plan to experiment with some flowers and rhubarb. The best part is this plot is right next door! The other fantastic bonus is the soil sample of this new area is far superior to the other plot in terms of organic matter and pH and the soil is fine with hardly any rocks.

To this...
...we've added this... make this!

We are growing (hopefully germinating) carrots under the black ag fabric and the white is a light floating row cover over a bed of radishes and arugula. The row cover allows sunlight and water through, while protecting the plants from flea beetles, which eat tiny holes into the arugula leaves. While it’s still edible and tasty, it just doesn’t quite look as good.

As you can see from the photo, this backyard does not get full sun all day, which may be an issue or it may be perfect for growing greens. Will post an update with pictures once things start growing.