Season winding down? We're just getting warmed up!

The other day I said to Spink, “You know, we could just stop planting.” We considered that for about a day, then today, we were out there prepping 4 more beds for planting greens. Maybe it’s the cool weather that’s encouraging us (it’s good for greens, which are also short cycle crops and should make it before first frost). Maybe it’s the spinach bed that looks better than any spinach we have ever grown. Truth be told, we’ve had many spinach failures this season and have even struggled growing it in our square foot garden at home. I’m hopeful this bed is actually going to thrive! If it doesn’t, I may just have to give up on ever growing a successful bed of spinach.

Potato greens are starting to brown, which means we’ll be harvesting those soon. With all root crops, we are like kids in a candy store, excited to see what comes out of the ground and delighted by every root of size. Carrots, beets, onions, garlic, potatoes are all like this for us.

Given what’s in the ground, we anticipate having produce through the end of October. We are already doing some preliminary planning for next season and garlic will have to be planted next month…how did it get to be September already? While it’s been a great summer and a super learning experience, I think I will welcome the first frost when it comes, signaling the end of this madness….at least for a few months.

Yes, that is spinach!
Walla walla sweet onions, with leeks in the background. So pleased with the onion harvest this year!

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  1. justin husher says:

    spinach has been my bane for years. i’m also at a last straw moment with some hopefully forthcoming spinach to be.

    now, did someone say winter rye?