Build a greenhouse and other stuff on the to do list…

We are back to farm planning in earnest and have added a number of projects and experiments we plan to try next season. Our biggest item involves building a greenhouse! Based on rough calculations, we plan to build a 24′ long x 12′ wide x 6′ high greenhouse. Estimated materials costs will be about $400, which includes a hoop bender for about $50. Not quite sure how long it will take to build, but we plan to complete the frame in February and will need temperatures near 60 before we can put the plastic on it. Will post updates and pictures once we start this project. Please wish us luck!

Other items on the list include analysis of our production plan, an assessment of the seeds we have in stock and those we need to order, searching for more land on which to grow and updates to the Friends CSA, which will from here on out be referred to as the Bay Branch Farm a la farm carte.

Other than that, we are just thinking of the garlic under mulch and dreaming of fresh tomatoes (sadly, all the fresh tomatoes are gone and we are just left with canned salsa).