It's winter and we are still enjoying our produce…

We are well into the cold months  and we are still enjoying onions, garlic, potatoes and even carrots as part of our weekly meals. It will be a sad day when I have to buy onions at the grocery store again. Potatoes and garlic should hold through winter and carrots are still in the ground. The potatoes are in the basement in a burlap sack and the onions and garlic are just in the kitchen. Other winter eats include chicken from Plum Creek Farm and lamb from Miller Livestock. We didn’t do as much canning last year, though we still have salsa, which is an easy snack with chips. These goods help us get through the cold winter and kind of make it easy to prepare a meal. Hope you are enjoying some stored/put up goods from your garden or local farmer. Eagerly awaiting spring….

Carrots harvested January 5th
Christmas dinner - our potatoes and carrots, chicken from Plum Creek and leg of lamb from Miller Livestock

0 thoughts on “It's winter and we are still enjoying our produce…

  1. Jayne Shoup says:

    Annabel and Eric,
    Congrats on your veggie and bee successes! We, too, are still eating carrots, parsnips (new to us this year–yummy!), garlic, and beets. Relish and pickles were canned too. Glad you are “feeding” yourselves well in far away Ohio. All fine here, except for the monster snow storm bearing down on us tonight/tomorrow.
    What is new with you?
    Hope you both are well, happy, and enjoying life!

    • Annabel says:

      Thanks Jayne! It’s great to hear from you. Glad to hear you are also enjoying your own veggies from summer efforts. Feels kind of like hibernating, especially this winter, having all this food put up. Hope you and Cheryl make it through the current storm….we are getting hit too. I think we are in store for at least 6 more weeks of winter, sadly.

      Checked out your artwork on your site….it’s amazing. I especially love the calla lilies. Good luck with the upcoming exhibit!