Increasing efficiencies with improvised small farm tools

Since we have been planting seedlings in the hoophouse, we have looked into coming up with an easier way to transplant our soil blocks when they are ready to be put in the ground. The benefits of transplants over direct seeding include not having to thin out your beds, proper spacing for plants and potentially an earlier start since you can get things going inside even when the outdoor conditions may prevent planting. That being said, using the Jang seeder is many times faster than transplanting. So we have read a few ideas on how to properly space and prep a bed for transplants. A short article about a rolling dibbler can be found here. Since we are short on time and have some scrap wood hanging around, we decided to make a modified dibbler out of a10′ 2×4 and some 2×2 blocks that is 2.5″ long. It took Spink longer to find the screws to put it together than to make the entire tool.

Check it out in the video below:

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