Finding new space to plant and more rocks

Just when you think you have maxed out the growing space in your tiny plot, you get a brilliant idea to establish new vertical space and find a few more inches of untapped potential. That is what has happened over the past couple of weeks at our plot.

We took out two more sections of the fence, added a trellis and planted pole beans.
This raised bed is filled to the top of that second level with rocks. As it settled the bed started to warp and fall apart. We had to remove all the rocks and start over.
Now we have this lovely new raised bed….no rocks! And it is almost twice the size of the former bed.
We put the rocks along the edge of the house – rock mulch. Hopefully we won’t need to move them ever again.

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  1. Sarah says:

    I love your Blog! I just started reading yesterday from the beginning and have learned so much! Wishing you much success this year!