October update

The chilly fall weather has hit us suddenly with temps dipping into the 40s and 50s at night. We have closed up the hoop house to try to retain some heat for the spinach and ginger that is growing inside. We planted a bed of parsnips a few weeks ago and are hopeful they will germinate soon so we have some hopes of overwintering them. It’s an unlikely experiment. Everything has slowed to a crawl. The obvious overnight growth of the beans, zucchini, and greens has ceased, but the cool weather plants seem to be doing well. We planted a bed of hakurei turnips and they seem to love this weather. The greens mix is doing pretty well too as are the green onions. We’ve experienced some pest pressure on our chard, however. Here are some pics taken this past weekend.

Hakurei turnips
Green onions
Leeks and potatoes. Our leeks didn’t do quite as well as we’d hoped.