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The spring has been lovely and tasty turnips are the result. It seems people at the market don’t really know what to do with them. I’ve been experimenting too since this isn’t a vegetable that I was too familiar with either! These babies are hakurei turnips and are sweeter than the purple and yellow waxy things that you find in the grocery store that look like you could play baseball with. Plus the greens are delicious and nutritious!  Below are a couple ideas that are simple and quick and make a healthy side or main for lunch or dinner.

Hakurei turnips with lovely, edible greens

Hakurei turnips with lovely, edible greens

  • Dice or chop into matchsticks and add raw to a salad or sandwich for a nice crunch
  • Saute with onions and garlic. The image below was made in less than 10 minutes! I fried some onions and garlic scapes (or you can substitute garlic cloves) in a little butter and olive oil. After about a minute I added chopped radishes and turnips. I let that cook, stirring occasionally for 2-3 minutes and then added the chopped turnip greens. I let those wilt for about a minute and then took it off the heat. Topped it with a bit of salt, pepper and balsamic vinegar. Yummy!
Sauteed turnips with greens

Sauteed turnips with greens


2 thoughts on “Turnips!

  1. The turnips look beautiful and the greens look especially fresh and healthy!

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